If caregiving was classified a sport, it would be an EXTREME sport because it requires dedication and commitment second to none.

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Banner your senior citizens' (adults 50+) help connection. We are a non-profit devoted to making your life easier, regardless of your temperament, age or condition.

Tom Koziol - Senior Help

My name is Tom Koziol. My wife Mikki and I started Senior Outreach Ministries and this website. As former (Mikki is now disabled and I've undergone open heart surgery) caregivers, we both know seniors and senior caregivers want access to immediately useable information and resources about caregiving, eldercare, social security, healthcare solutions, information services, caregiving tips, asssistance, aging, education, consumer protection, etc. We believe this site has that and more.

If you utilize the information, resources and material on this site, you can reduce your stress, save your energy and, hopefuly, not spend as much money as you otherwise would have spent. The cost to you: ZERO! NADA! ZILCH!

One of our health resources - STROKEID - gives you 3 easy steps, and I do mean easy, to recognize if someone is having a stroke. 

Heart attacks - Knowing what to do if you think you are having one is a download away - Heart Attack.

39 states have a consumer protection program in place to help seniors with prescription and pharmacy needs. Click SENIOR PRESCRIPTION to see if your state has a program.

Eldercare usually involves doctors so seniors want an easy way to find their doctor's credentials or to know if he/she has any complaints against him/her so we put the links to sites with this information on the doctor credential page.

This is just a small sample of the resources inside these pages. All are yours for the taking. Since we regularly update our Senior Citizens' Resources pages, we invite you to visit often.



That's right. It is possible to boost your retirement by 30% or more. I have put the details here: I believe we all should have as much money as we deserve especially during our golden years. Therefore I've laid out exactly how you can get that extra boost in your check. You will not be taking a second mortgage, reverse mortgage or buying into some kind of floozy multi-level-marketing scheme. This is a simple old fashion common sense product.


We recognize you want straightforward information and/or answers. You now have easy access to it not only on this site but in our newsletter. When you subscribe to the newsletter, you receive two free ebooks:

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Our free manual (the link above in the left column marked "CARE GIVER MANUAL") is another example of an excellent resource. It is a blueprint for everyone in the care giving arena taking the process step by step to insure both sides of the equation, giver and receiver, have access to a quality program suited to their particular situation and needs.

You, as a caregiver, don't have to use the trial and error method and you don't have to want for help. Caregiving is a serious event (some call it a challenge) so you should have all the help available. It's in the manual and on this site and it is yours for free.

Grab a copy because we put it here just for you.

Review the manual here: MANUAL 


Thank you for stopping by and visiting Senior 2 Senior (S2S). As our way of showing our appreciation please accept our ebook: Short Takes.

Short Takes are immediatley useable information crammed into a small space/time frame. For example, in film, the “movie” may be only three minutes long and still pack a powerful punch. The subject can be anything.

In publications such as newsletters, ebooks and magazines, up to one page is a short take. As you will see in this ebook, a topic is presented in Short Take format. This gives you enough information to kick start the thinking part of your brain. 

Right click on and select "save target as" and download it to the file of your choice. You will have a Short Take covering 7 topics most senior citizens and caregivers will, or do, encounter.

Because we are information oriented, we put 10 more free Short Takes on this page:

Feel free to download one or all and, by the way, you may give them away to your friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone else you think should have a copy.


Be an informed consumer and download the two free reports at:


If you find the information on this senior oriented site useful, tell your friends. If you have something you think will help others, click the "contact us" link and we will look it over. A large circle of friends has geometric helping power. That is, more people more often are helped by all of us working together.

Ronald Reagan probably said it best when he said: "By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things."

I would add: All we really have to do is DO IT!


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A Senior Homily:

I spend my time thinking about the Here After, I start from here & when I get there, I have forgotten what I was after.

There will be peace when the Love of Power is overcome by the Power of Love.


Know God - No Problems

No God - Know Problems








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