703 Retirement Plan

703 Retirement Plan

You may have received emails or seen ads talking about the 703 retirement plan. If you are like me, when you saw that weird looking retirement plan you wondered what the heck is it all about.

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As it turns out the author of the email or ad is using a clever twist of words to entice you to subscribe to a particular email newsletter. They can’t just say, hey, subscribe to my newsletter for $XXX a year because nobody would sign up. So, they use a bit of intrigue/curiosity.

The 703 plan is what the real investment world calls a Dividend Re-Investment Plan or DRIP. It has several moving parts.

The first is you must own a stock that allows you to reinvest the dividend into buying more shares instead of taking the dividend in cash. For example fictitious company JXN allows you to DRIP.

They pay a quarterly dividend of $1 per share. And you own 200 shares. Rather than taking the $200 in cash you use those dollars to buy more shares of JXN. As you might guess more shares means you have increased your holding. Plus your dividend will be larger next quarter because you have more shares.

And now for the second moving part. Most brokerage companies charge a fee to reinvest your dividend. Oops, you’ve just decreased the number of shares your $200 will buy. No worries. The 703 plan shows you how to bypass your broker and save the fee and/or commission charge.

Semi-Related Investment Info

All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter being offered and you’ll learn the secret bypass method. Well, I say, simply click on this link or the title and download the information without subscribing to anything. I titled it, “The D.R.I.P.”.

And to bolster your investment library click this link, or the title, to get a second primer, “And Capital Appreciation Too”. Both are 100% free!

You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter by >>CLICKING HERE<< but you don’t have to. Simply click the links in the above paragraphs and you’ll get the reports. It’s that easy. We think you should put that information to use whether you’re a member we email our newsletter twice a month or not.

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