Arthritis Pain Control for Senior Citizens

Arthritis Pain Control for Senior Citizens

Topics on Tap in Arthritis Pain Control for Senior Citizens:

Arthritis Pain Control for Senior Citizens
  1. Arthritis Pain Belongs to The Person
  2. Unfortunately Drugs Come With Baggage
  3. Over The Counter Drugs Can Help
  4. Homeopathic Arthritis Pain Relief
  5. Drug Free Forms of Arthritis Pain Control
  6. Final Thoughts on What Else to Watch For

Arthritis Pain Control for Senior Citizens

Arthritis pain control for senior citizens comes in all shapes and sizes. The kicker, as you might guess, is you want one that is tailored for your specific pain and arthritis symptoms. And it is a well known fact senior citizens experience arthritis pain.

And keep in mind, the degree of pain is determined by the degree a person’s body parts are afflicted by arthritis.

Quite naturally people will say they want relief from arthritis. What they are really saying is they would love to find some relief from the pain arthritis is causing. They blend the two as if they were one. They are not one.

Some people will ask for a cure for their arthritis pain. And unfortunately, there are no known cures for arthritis as of this date. So they should actually articulate they want arthritis pain relief. 

That request is more directly in line with what their true demand is. On the other hand nobody can blame people for blending the affliction with its inherent pain and asking for relief.

Arthritis Pain is Specific to The Individual

By no means is all arthritis pain equal. Fortunately in today’s medical environment many cases find relief in the doctor’s office. Or even on the pharmacy’s shelf.

Unfortunately since not all arthritis pains are equal it means not all arthritis pain control will produce the desired results.

To clarify real quickly by in the “Dr’s office” I mean the Dr can prescribe relief for patients with small to medium pain levels. Not even today’s drugs will cure anyone’s arthritis, but they will provide relief. And most people know there are several medications available for arthritis pain relief. 

On top of that I’m sure we can agree most are safe. I’m sure we can agree again that a number of medications on this planet are not completely free of side effects. As sad as it may be, they can be helpful depending on an individuals situation.

For example, if I have terminal cancer I don’t care about side effects when it comes to pain relief. A little off the mark in relation to arthritis pain but I think you see what I’m saying. Circumstance always plays a major role in making those types of decisions.

And that brings us smack dab into the middle of my next topic.

Unfortunately Drugs Come With Baggage

This baggage comes in the form of side effects. Side effects in some drugs can include death. Drugs also have an inherent negative in that as a person uses them the body builds up a tolerance. Hence the patient requires bigger and bigger doses to get the same relief. 

Because gaining a tolerance means the drugs can’t do what they were doing when you first started taking them. Given this is true rational people want to know how to approach getting the proper pain relief without the baggage.

No one wants to have tolerance and side effect problems. 

The first thought that comes to mind is if you’re suffering from mild or occasional pain, coupling rest with cold or hot packs is all you really need..

If you’re taking a drug(s) to control arthritis pain, you’re wise in staying on top of your dosage. And even wiser for monitoring your body.

Certainly don’t be hesitant about talking to your doctor if you notice anything you consider to be out of the ordinary. And I do mean anything out of the ordinary. 

Over The Counter Drugs, aka OTC Might Help

Most people are familiar with the term over-the-counter or OTC drugs. OTC medications are available at any drug store in the country. You don’t need a prescription. You only need the proper amount of cash to pay for them.

And maybe you need to be 18 years old. I don’t think so, but it sounds possible and I can’t remember.

TV ads tell us that acetaminophen and aspirin will relieve our pain and inflammation. All we have to do is make a trip to our favorite drug store and buy a bottle. As long we take as directed, we will be pain free and have happy lives.

That may be the case but unfortunately even OTC drugs like their prescription counterparts have side effects. The first one that comes to mind is the doesn’t always work as advertised.

Therefore if or when the pain persists, consult your doctor immediately.

Never, and I mean never, ignore severe and prolonged arthritis pain.

All Natural Homeopathic Arthritis Pain Relief

Another popular remedy is the all natural homeopathic means. Included in this remedy are herbs and nutritional ingredients. Herbs, or herbal remedy, is considered by many to be “the first medicine”.

This is borne out because many herbs have been in use since Biblical times.

Because many of these herbs were to ease pain and help with many other conditions. In many cultures, herbal medicine is the only medicine. And if helps you get some arthritis pain control than I suggest you go with that.

The homeopathic factor triggers your body’s natural pain relief mechanisms. It is the faster-acting part of the formula and is responsible for what many people experience as “instant relief”.

Of course homeopathic remedies have drawbacks as well. Although rare, some people cannot use the products as they produce side effects. So if you decide on a homeopathic remedy, monitor your body the same as if you were on prescription drugs.

Remember, it is your body and you want safe and effective pain relief.

Drug Free Forms of Arthritis Pain Control

Believe it or not, if you simply rest the painful joint you can get a lot of relief. Because just resting a joint can help it a lot.

If that doesn’t provide enough relief try applying cold packs to relieve the pain. You can also try using hot packs to ease stiff and achy joints or muscles.

Hopefully you just discovered the remedy that will work for you each time a symptom rears its ugly head. Simply put another way, basic self medication technique is your pain relief program.

Arthritis pain control certainly is possible. On the other hand, nobody said it would be easy to find the pain control regimen that is right for you the first time. Because it may take several tries. But at least you know pain relief exists.

And this is actually a giant step for mankind. And a giant arthritic pain control step for mankind. 

Final Thoughts on What Else to Watch For

Generally speaking you may have over treated or under treated yourself. Both are real possibilities given the universal dosage recommended on the label isn’t really a one size fits all remedy.

Subsequently, if you are in that category, talk with your doctor.

I might sound like a broken record but it’s worth repeating myself. Never, and I mean never, ignore severe and prolonged arthritis pain.

Prolonged pain may mean you have joint damage requiring daily medication. Obviously your self prescribed dosage or choice of medications is not fulfilling your pain relief requirement.

Some people focus only on the pain and not on ways to relieve their pain. And then the result is almost always a negative effect on a person’s mood. Moreover the inherent hazard is you allow your pain to not only become worse but harder to manage.

Wrap your total consciousness around the fact you are experiencing pain and you want relief. Above all make it a zen experience. And let your mind interact with your doctor’s prescription. Or your new found OTC medication.

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