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  2. VA Caregiver Support and Veterans Affairs
  3. Government Assistance for Caregivers
  4. State Resources For Caretakers
  5. If All Else Fails, YouTube!
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Welcome To Caregivers Corner

We’re going to start Caregivers Corner off with some warm thoughts and a lot of thank you’s. Next is a boatload of love for the Caregivers and Caretakers. It takes a special kind of person with a beautiful soul to do what caregivers and caretakers do.

Next we’ll get into the Caregiver resources. Above all, hopefully this is a giant help one way or another for any one of you awesome people. By the way, and this will only take a second, go download your FREE copy of our Caregivers Manual.

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Resources For Caregivers and Caretakers

We’ll keep Caregivers Corner moving right along and list resources for Caretakers and Caregivers next.

Caregivers looking for support should call 1-844-872-4681

This site aims to help Caregivers of Alzheimer Patients:

This site is for the Caretakers of Those With Dementia:

The Family Caregiver Alliance – National Center on Caregiving offers updates on diseases, online support groups and excellent articles. As well as the opportunity to ask leaders questions about Caregiving and/or being a caregiver:

Follow this link to find the National Alliance for Caregiving:

Information on the stages of Caregiving, Managing stress and Solutions to other various Caregiving situations:

A monthly newsletter and national website dedicated to addressing the information, resource and community needs of family Caregivers to the elderly:

Visiting the link below takes a caregiver, or anyone else, to the National Family Caregivers:

VA Caregiver Support and Veterans Affairs

Next we’ve listed Federal resources for Caregivers and Caretakers. Given we are experiencing a growth in the veteran population. Let’s use our tax dollars to serve the Veteran’s Caregivers and the Veterans. We’ll even use their main veteran caretaker resource as our starting point.

First we’ll list the Dept. of Veterans Affairs:

Next up is the Veterans Benefits Administration:

Government Assistance for Caregivers

Government assistance for caregiver’s is offered through benefit programs. Assistance for job training, nutritional assistance, health care and education, is available at:

First, you must answer all the questions and then they check your eligibility. And then third they compare your answers with over 1,000 programs.

The U.S. State Department offers advice on care-giving too. Go to:

State Resources For Caretakers

Your State is the next best source of information. Every state has an Aging Services Division. That’s because it’s in their Department of Health and Human Services.

As a Caregiver, these programs are intended for you to utilize:

  1. Long Term Care Ombudsman
  2. Food and Nutrition Programs
  3. Congregate and Home Delivered Meals
  4. Nutrition Counseling
  5. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  6. Caregiver Assistance Services
  7. Caregiver Respite
  8. Counseling for Caregivers
  9. Medicaid Waiver
  10. Adult Protective Services
  11. Elder Abuse Prevention
  12. Legal Aid
  13. State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)
  14. Senior Companion and Friendly Visitor Programs
  15. Chore and Homemaker Assistance
  16. Transportation Service
  17. Self-Directed Care Options
  18. Senior Employment
  19. Prescription Assistance Program
  20. Senior Housing Assistance
  21. Senior Housing Apartments
  22. Section 8 Housing
  23. Home Repair and Modification Assistance
  24. Heating and Energy Assistance
  25. Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
  26. Burial Assistance

Always check with the particular agency. That way you know the exact services they offer. I’m also pretty sure you will be surprised. And it’s all because of the help available to caregiver’s.

You Tube

The Internet is a wonderful invention. It compiles and centralizes information on a particular topic. Above all else, the best part is, anyone and everyone can use it. One of the best informational resources is You Tube.

You Tube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share and comment on the videos. Viewers are welcome to upload their own videos. This video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

If you decide to utilize this resource simply type, CAREGIVING in their search box. Sit back and decide which one you’d like to view.

By no means am I saying any of the presenters are experts. Or that you should just blindly follow anything they say. On the contrary. Most certainly I am saying you will be amazed at what is there for the viewing.

And always remember, you are responsible for anything you do. This means Senior Outreach Ministries accepts no liability on the part of any site visitor due to our recommendation. And this is because it does not matter what you view. The mention on this page is solely for your information.

Always act responsibly. Please.

And, with that said, here is the last resource. Once again, it’s listed here because at face value it is a neutral information presenter.

The site is:

Different Alarm Types

A Quick Disclaimer

Investopedia is a must read. Moreover, for seniors and any one else whom needs to keep on top of their investment and/or potential investment. Investopedia provides investment news and strategies. Subsequently they're a great resource for anyone who visits the site.

Moreover, they are full of really useful financial advice.

This by no means is the only investment advice website on the Internet. Your personal broker offers advice. Your financial planner does too. Even your insurance agent offers advice. Subsequently no surprise here, the lawyer down the street will give you his two cents too.

It is your responsibility whether or not you heed any of the advice. As is always the case.

But, and it is a big but of course, you should always be armed with up to date information for your investment(s). Especially any that you own or are interested in. This is a neutral site.


You will find more free and helpful resources. Just visit our Senior Citizens' Resources. And our Resources For Seniors pages. Above all please share these with any Caregivers you know. Certainly, don't forget your friends, family, neighbors, pets and even strangers. As well as anyone else who may need a helping hand. By the way, being a Caregiver is not mandatory for visitors to take advantage of the free resources. Resources located on this page are free to everyone. That includes resources anywhere on this site.

 Or any of this site’s pages for that matter. So these resources are definitely for Caregivers. Because Caregivers know how to help those who could really use the helping.

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