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Contact SOM

Want to Contact SOM? We’re all ears. Or, in this case, we should say all eyes. Whether you have a suggestion, a question, a comment, a joke for our joke pages or even a topic you’d like us to write about, we’d love to hear from you!

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll definitely read it. If you are looking for a response give us a 72 hour window. In a perfect world when you contact SOM we’d get right back to you with our response. Unfortunately, through no fault of our own, we do sometimes get busy. And as much as we wish we wouldn’t get busy at all, it will end up taking us even longer than the 72 hour turn around we shoot for.

We are an all volunteer staff and we try our best to be as responsive as possible. So, please accept our apologies if we end up taking a little longer than 72 hours to respond.

Rest assured we are not ignoring you, and never will. We don’t like spam under any conditions. The Ministries will NEVER spam anyone, for any reason. And, if you’re a spammer, you are wasting your time and your energy. Guaranteed, we won’t respond.

We Never Spam, So Please Don’t Spam Us

SOM doesn’t respond to someone trying to sell us something. We have other channels for that and it’s our kindest suggestion to use those channels. We’re not interested in unsolicited letters, emails or contact. We have an outreach for products, programs, material suitable to our stated mission. That’s how we know it’s someone we’ve either asked to contact us or at least has permission to make contact with SOM.

Again, thank you for contacting SOM. You have our promise we will do our absolute best to be responsive as quickly as possible. Hopefully we are all in agreement, and can function with the outcome.

Have a great day! We will be in touch.

Senior Outreach Ministries achieves it’s objectives with the capital we’ve either earned or received from donors. The Proud 2 B A Senior Ribbon for example. Donate $5, get a ribbon and help us help a hungry Senior Citizen in need. All proceeds remain in the Ministries to be used per our mission statement. We are a volunteer church. No one receives a salary or wage. Please help us help less fortunate hungry Seniors. We never have and never will ask the government for grants, funds or hand outs. Thank You in advance.