Digestive Health Shouldn’t Be Confusing

Digestive Health Shouldn’t Be Confusing

Digestive health are two words that generally don’t flow to the top of health and wellness discussions. Nobody thinks about the digestive system when they are ill or not feeling tip top.

History being history a fellow named Hippocrates way back before the birth of Christ proclaimed health begins with the gut. This alone didn’t crown him the father of modern medicine. But it did not get in the way of his ordination as such.

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The American Gastroenterological Association, while not quoting Hippocrates exactly did make this pronouncement.

Good digestive health means having a:

“digestive system that has appropriate nutrient absorption, intestinal motility, immune function, and a balanced microbiota.”

Let’s translate those big words into every day common language. It means good digestive health is the absence of digestive discomfort. That is simply how we think in none medical terms.

The truth says we all have experienced occasional digestive distress. The distress came in the form of gas, bloating, indigestion or general discomfort.

That really is no surprise because it happens to all of us and sometimes at a re-occurring rate. If that is what happens to you, this could suggest something isn’t quite right.

Digestive Health Issues Happen to Everyone

When something isn’t quite right we either make a doctor’s visit or we self medicate with over the counter pills, potions or lotions. We could be doing a disservice to ourselves. Because the digestive tract houses approximately 70% of our immunity.

It is a potential disservice because we really don’t know if that particular pill or potion is compatible with our immune system. Instead of boosting our immune system it may be damaging it.

The remaining 30% of our immune system is composed of what doctors call gut bacteria. The medical term is gut microbiota.

This gut microbiota influences body weight, believe it or not. As it turns out digestive health is more complex than we know and deserves far greater attention than we give it.

Some Final Thoughts

Research has proven gut health is linked to energy levels. As well as sleep quality and skin health. It’s also linked to joint health and comfort, weight management, focus and concentration.

Challenges to our digestive health include stress, environmental toxins, alcohol, getting older, poor diet, some artificial sweeteners, smoking and more.

Digestive health can be maintained and even improved. Start by eliminating processed whole foods, sugar, fast foods and any food that does not work well in your body. You know which ones they are. Because your gut tells you something ain’t right.

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