Funeral Planning Pt. 2 — Funerals

Funeral Planning pt. 2 — Funerals

Funeral Planning pt. 2 the funerals will talk about the second phase of the funeral process. That is the funeral itself.

The first article titled Funeral Planning was an overview introduction into the total event. The second phase, funerals, on its face, sounds like a by itself event. For the deceased person, it is.

But, it could be a nightmare for the living.

Funeral planning – the funeral encompasses decisions many of us don’t or won’t ever think of. For example, organ donation. If the deceased is donating their organs that information will be on their driver license. Or, in their advance health care directive.

These organs have to be harvested almost immediately at death. If the deceased died in a hospital, they have a coordinator to guide you through the process.

Should the deceased be in a nursing home or hospice or elsewhere, contact your nearest hospital. Almost all hospitals have staff who will help. They answer questions and provide guidance at no cost.

Contacting immediate family members is common sense. However common sense may not be common at this time. Someone needs to be delegated to complete this chore.

Bequeathal is one of those items very rarely discussed at family gatherings. However there are people who donate their body to medical schools. Please respect those wishes.

The next of kin, by the way, can donate the body too. But the decision needs to be made as early as possible. And the reason is obvious.

The Least Enjoyable Part

The 800 pound gorilla in the room is the funeral cost. What the deceased requested can end up being offset by what can you afford. Or, what’s realistic.

Maybe the question what will help the family the most is the most important question. Only you can decide given your set of circumstances.

Costs vary by region. A funeral costing $6000 in Kansas is $13,000 in California, for example. The total estimated average cost across the United States is a little over $11,000.

Obviously there are some items on the list that may be pared away. Subsequently reducing the total outlay. Furthermore, each case is different and stands on its own particular factors.

There are other final expense estimates that will be addressed in After the Funeral – Part Three. For the moment let the above estimates sink in.

Funerals can be frustrating, stressful, annoying and irritating. For everyone involved unfortunately. But it has to be done. How you perform the necessary tasks can eliminate these feelings. And even leave you with a feeling of warmth. Just knowing you did the best you can do under the circumstances.

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