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Health, Money and I Forget

When we talk about health and money, we obviously mean your health and your money. But, we could add a third dimension called healthy money. Without an income (healthy money) life becomes difficult.

Pesky things called bills scream pay me every month. The utility company, phone company, taxes, grocery bills, and a myriad of other money eaters never seem to forget you. They show up day after day month after month.

What to do, right? Since we can’t go back in years we make do with what we have. Common sense but not everyone has common sense. If you are one of those folks who spends every last dime, stop!

Try to save a few bucks a month. In the alternative start a side hustle. The side hustle helps patch the money hole created by expenses. I don’t know what you like to do, want to do or would do to make a few extra dollars a month but you know.

We’re Only Interested in Low Pressure, High Results

This isn’t a page to get you to do something. It is a page to get you to think about doing something should you so choose. Only you can decide if you want to do something.

Health and wellness is very important in your decision making scheme. Health without wellness isn’t health and wellness without health isn’t wellness. Whether you are a senior and naturally concerned about senior health makes little difference on the health and wellness rainbow.

Pain solutions, or pain relief, is another factor we all deal with. Pain isn’t limited to a certain age group. We all have aches and pains. Some more serious than others but pain nonetheless.

Pain is Serious Business No Matter What Kind of Pain

We talk about pain solutions but only the non-narcotic type. For narcotic pain relief please consult with your personal doctor. We do not give medical advice, practice medicine or play a doctor on television. We do the best we can in the non-narcotic sphere.

The pain solutions we discuss have proven effective. How do we know? People have told us. We hope it will be effective for you too.

One more area that should be on everyone’s radar is retirement. Like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not, retirement age will be waiting.

Given that is a fact, it would be a super great idea to be familiar with financial definitions, lending laws, retirement needs, ideas, topics and tools. In order to have a retirement you can enjoy you should have an acceptable retirement savings account.

Right on Cue, Here’s Social Security

Social security is only one leg of a retirement account. Programs like 401k and IRAs exist so we can save for our retirement. Take advantage of what is available to you today. You plan ahead by utilizing today’s investment vehicles.

Speaking of social security, it is more than a check for working so many quarters. Social Security provides checks to people who become disabled and to people who are below the federal poverty line.

Social security disability income is the program for disabled persons and social security income is geared for the people who are considered poor. All social security programs require qualification tests.

These tests vary by program as you might guess. Read the information we have about social security and you will be informed as to the qualification tests as well as the application process.

None of these are difficult. Time consuming, yes. Difficult, no. It is in your best interest to follow their guidelines and complete the application process as the SSA states. If you are entitled to the money, follow the process and start collecting.

Final Thoughts on Health, Money &…………

As we add ideas, resources and information to this site you may find a thing or two you’d like. We don’t guarantee we will make everyone happy. We guarantee only that we will try.

There are more resources on our Senior Resources and Caregiving pages. Feel free to share them with your friends, family and neighbors. Or, anyone who needs a helping hand. By the way, download our free caregiver manual by >>Clicking Here<<.

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