Hospital Billing and Senior Citizens

Hospital Billing and Senior Citizens

Hospital billing & senior citizens generally know each other quite well. Even though torture isn’t on the list of resources for seniors.

In fact, hospital billing is a one of those items none of us ever want to face. For a variety of reasons. Bills from the hospital can be enough to mess with your health and wellness, for one. Being a senior, however, can be great.

I had open heart surgery in 2006. Which made me a member of the hospital billing & senior citizens demographic.

I myself was fortunate, fortunately. In the fact I had great medical coverage commonly called health insurance. Aside from paying the paltry few dollars called a deductible, I didn’t have to worry about hospital billing, and I went my merry way.

Other hospital billing & senior citizens aren’t or weren’t as fortunate. They either didn’t have health insurance or were under-insured. They faced or are facing the menace of old age, hospital billing.

In a moment I will point you to a site that goes into great detail on the inner workings of hospital billing & senior citizens. The site belongs to an actual practicing doctor. I spoke with him on February 14, 2019. And, I told him my intention.

Hospital Billing Can Be Tricky Business

He said by all means point your audience to my site. Let them learn as much as they can about what’s actually being perpetrated in the health provision and hospital billing realm.

I like that. A doctor willing to tell us the inside facts. His name is Dr. David Belk. He’s in Alameda, CA. His site is listed below.

BTW, I receive NO compensation from him for this referral.

But before I let you go I need to say a few words about this hodge podge called hospital billing. The law requires you to receive what is almost universally called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Sometimes it is called a Summary of Patient Services or an Account Detail. Regardless, this form has all of the services the hospital is charging you for.

Pay attention to this form. You can dispute every charge on that form. You probably won’t because almost all of them are actual procedures/medications/actions you received.

But, not all of them. My EOB looked like a small ebook of charges. The list was lengthy. If your procedure wasn’t/isn’t as drastic as mine yours will be shorter.

PAY ATTENTION to this form.

OK, click the link below and go explore Dr Belk’s site.

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