Original Medicare New App: What’s Covered

Original Medicare New App: What’s Covered

Original Medicare has a new trick up it’s sleeve. And, it’s a good one. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has joined the 21st century with their new app. It’s called “What’s Covered”.

Consumers will now experience direct access on a mobile device. And access to some of the most used content on Medicare.gov. So, recipients and caregivers, can quickly see whether Medicare covers a specific medical item or service. And how much it costs.

And what this means to consumers is astonishing. A patient at their doctor’s office will get accurate coverage information. In real-time nonetheless. And the same holds true for hospital patients. Or anyone else with a mobile device anywhere they happen to be.

And the app doesn’t replace Medicare.gov or their toll free number, 1-800-MEDICARE. So, people without mobile devices can still get the information they seek. Having what original Medicare covers at you fingertips, makes life easier and quicker. But it doesn’t make it a replacement tool.

CMS is busy implementing new tools. Because it’s tough for seniors to figure out their coverage. Not to mention out of pocket costs. A new online service lets people quickly compare different coverage choices. And see how it will affect their out-of-pocket expenses for example.

There’s also new price transparency tools. Because this helps consumers compare the national average costs of certain procedures. And this is in addition to the new app displaying what original Medicare covers. Because we are dealing with important information. 

Another new added tool is a web chat option. It’s located in the Medicare Plan Finder. All the new tools come under the eMedicare initiative. This program is focused on modernizing Medicare. And, at the same time, empowering patients with information. So they get the best value from their coverage.

Original Medicare is Growing Exponentially

Medicare enrollment is expected to grow from approximately 54 million current beneficiaries to 80 million beneficiaries by 2030. And these new beneficiaries are already technology savvy. I wonder what happens when Medicare For All comes to fruition. If it ever does.

The new app displaying what original Medicare covers should be a walk in the park. So, when all the proposed initiatives are adopted, these folks will enjoy an information explosion unheard of.

And the most surprising aspect of these initiatives? It’s the fact they originate from an agency with the reputation of an old stodgy government organization. Not to mention, one that moves at the speed of rust. These times change and apparently they are changing for the better.

You can get the app for free from both Google and Apple. Visit the respective website and download the app for you:

Google Play


Apple App Store


The new app displaying what original Medicare covers is just the beginning for the soon to be senior citizen of the future. The person Senior Outreach Ministries ordained as a pre-sene.

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