“Pre-Sene” is Short For Pre-Senior

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Welcome To Our Page For Pre-Seniors

Also known as Age Group 45 – 55

We think we’ve coined not only a new term but one that is quite accurate. How do we know?

We are all getting one day older every day. Father Time waits for no man as someone once said although nobody has to be reminded of that fact. All you have to do is wake up and look in the mirror.

One day you are 18 and the next day, it seems, you are 40. Just ask any 70 or 80 year old. Where did the time go they all ask? The honest answer is they went away. Never again to be used, relived or retrieved.

The pre-sene time frame is the ad hoc pre-retirement time frame. The beginning of this time frame merely extended from your 20’s is another way to look at it. Retirement ideas may not be floating in your brain at the moment. But, retirement tools are available and should be in active use.

You even may have discussed retirement topics with your family. And possibly friends and co-workers. Don’t let anyone decide your retirement but you. Look at our lending laws and financial definitions pages. They could save you a bundle of cash. These are two important arenas on the financial spectrum.

The name of this site is Senior2Senior.org and its audience is seniors. We tell you that up front. However, that doesn’t mean people between 40 and 55 should not be aware of the resources listed on these pages.

Health and wellness as we all know isn’t limited to people 65 and over. It starts the day you are born. Take advantage of the information on these pages. It could be the difference between being sick or being healthy.

Pain relief, like health and wellness, isn’t limited to people over 65. There’s information on pain solutions. The non-narcotic pain solutions. For narcotic pain relief solutions consult with your physician. We do not practice medicine or physical health care.

Social Security is another good example. You don’t have to be a senior to draw SS benefits. Medicare and Medicaid. You don’t have to be a senior to participate. The information portals let you learn the requirements to receive the related benefits.

and SSI are two other programs you may be eligible to apply for. Our article gives you the steps in starting the application process. Because having this information may be the difference between you or your care recipient receiving a monthly check.

Utilize the information. And, pass this information to friends, colleagues, family and anyone who needs help. There are numerous agencies in place to solve the problems we as humans face in our lives.

There are more resources on our Senior Resources and Caregiver’s Corner pages. These resources won’t amount to a hill of beans unless they are utilized. That is why they are there. Use them.

Feel free to share them with your friends, family and neighbors. Or, anyone who needs a helping hand. And by the way, download our free caregiver manual by

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Senior Outreach Ministries achieves it’s objectives with the capital we’ve either earned or received from donors. The Proud 2 B A Senior Ribbon for example. Donate $5, get a ribbon and help us help a hungry Senior Citizen in need. All proceeds remain in the Ministries to be used per our mission statement. We are a volunteer church. No one receives a salary or wage. Please help us help less fortunate hungry Seniors. We never have and never will ask the government for grants, funds or hand outs. Thank You in advance.