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Resources For Seniors

Resources For Seniors are continued on this page. As we continue to discover resources available to seniors we will list them on our “Resources For Seniors” pages. If you are aware of any resources we missed or know of new ones we need to include let us know via the Contact SOM page. Please keep in mind the agencies, organizations and what we call “helping hands” are on these pages because we believe they offer immediately useful information. Certainly products that actually do what their ads say they will do at least.

Resources For Seniors Found on This Page

  1. General Information for Senior Citizens
  2. Prescription Drugs
  3. Information for Caregiver’s
  4. Employment for Seniors
  5. Senior Consumer Protection Resources
  6. Money Matters and Monetary Information
  7. Don’t Forget the Veterans

As Promised Here’s More Resources for Seniors!

General Inforamtion for Senior Citizens

The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

Advice and Resources for Seniors and Caregivers

National Council on Aging

The Kaiser Institute

American Association of Retired Persons

Administration for Community Living

Educational Travel for Adults

Prescription Drugs

Online Canadian Pharmacy

Chicagoland Caregivers assists seniors to remain independent in their homes by providing professionally managed Care Supervisors and Caregivers. Serving the city of Chicago and nearby suburbs, Chicagoland Caregivers first meets with potential clients to conduct a Client Assessment Interview to determine the care needs. Licensed, insured and bonded. Call them today for more information at 312-633-9005 or simply follow the link below.

Information and Help For Caregiver’s

Another website you an use for information regarding Assisted Living & Senior Living

Possible Employment

Help For Seniors Looking to Find A Job or Trainging:

Consumer Protection Resources For Seniors

For American Consumer Protection:

The Consumer Action Handbook is about 170 pages of super useful information. Moreover it’s not just full of resources for seniors. On top of that it’s free. To Download A Copy of The Consumer Action Handbook:

If you don’t feel like downloading a copy you can receive a hard copy by calling: 1-888-878-3256

Use this link to stay on top of product recalls:

Legal matters resource for senior citizens:

Monetary Information

Savings Bonds, Public Debt and T-Bill Information (U.S. Government ony):

Help for our Veteran Friends

You served this country. And now it should serve you: (Department of Veterans Affairs) (Veterans Benefits)

Senior Outreach Ministries achieves it’s objectives with the capital we’ve either earned or received from donors. The Proud 2 B A Senior Ribbon for example. Donate $5, get a ribbon and help us help a hungry Senior Citizen in need. All proceeds remain in the Ministries to be used per our mission statement. We are a volunteer church. No one receives a salary or wage. Please help us help less fortunate hungry Seniors. We never have and never will ask the government for grants, funds or hand outs. Thank You in advance.