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Senior Moment Newsletter started with very humble beginnings in 2005. It truly is the only newsletter you’ll ever need. “A-S-M”, as we fondly refer to it, is always full of resourceful, timely and useful information for today’s senior.

Of course we haven’t stepped over Caregivers and the “Gonna-Be-A-Senior” folks. After all, Caregivers are the ones giving care to seniors and seniorhood is only a few years away for the pre-senes. Wait till they have their first Senior Moment. And, we aren’t talking about the newsletter.

Yes, we affectionately call them “Pre-senes” because that is what they are. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Being 45 is only a stone’s throw away from 50 then 55. We believe in welcoming them to the family sooner than later.

In the summer of 2010 we invited our subscribers to e-mail us topics to write about or even questions they would like answered. It’s been a long-standing, open offer and is still in effect to this day. And, believe it or not, from every publication, we get more than a few e-mails thanking us for always making sure we publish information developed specifically for our audience.

We still do it to this day. That’s how we roll as the youngsters say. It’s one of the reasons Senior Moment is so special. We honestly, and without hesitation, enjoy researching something that might be new to us or something we haven’t thoroughly researched before. Our goal is to learn anything and everything we can about a topic and then lay it out for your reading pleasure. This has to help everybody, right?

Just for a minute, let’s look at it like this. Let’s say you had something you just wanted to know about. It had gotten your attention pretty darn good. But maybe you don’t have the time cause you’re always working or maybe you’re a caregiver for your elderly parents. Or, maybe, your circumstances have you overwhelmed and you don’t have the time or energy to do the research yourself.

It doesn’t hurt our feelings in the least bit to do the research and then tell everybody what we learned. To get us off the dime and start the process you have to get off the dime.

You have to first sign up to receive your subscription to the A Senior Moment newsletter. Then you have to email us with your topic and/or question(s). That’s it. Pretty easy.

Because we have a full plate it might take us a month or two, although it will probably happen a whole lot quicker, but we’ll just say, by the end of 60 days you will see your topic discussed in our newsletter. Sometimes we even send you the answer or search results prior to publication.

Sometimes people get tired of receiving a ton of emails. They don’t want to be bothered sorting through all the “stuff”.

No problem. We understand. Simply cancel your free subscription. The team here at S.O.M. will miss you, but we understand.

We also are tuned into all the authors in the audience. We love you and if you desire send us your topically tuned article and publish it.

If we print it, you will receive a byline plus a resource box where you can list your e-mail, website and even your phone number if you so desire.

What’s that? You ask what if you only want to list a Facebook or a Twitter handle?

Then, that’s how the author credits for that article will read. You put something useful and/or of quality in our publication, you will get the credit per your choice. We’ve even left the author’s credits blank a couple times due to the submitter’s desire to remain anonymous.

I guess what I’m really saying is Senior Moment truly is a newsletter of, for and by the people. Sometimes its stories come from the people.

Two real quick things before I get on out of here and you go ahead and sign up for our friendly and informative publication.

The first is fairly important to me, and the second is fairly darn important to me. So, first things first……….

You don’t have to worry about getting some advertisement riddled inbox inquisition. The kind that has but a sentence or two of any real useful information, but instead is a brochure boatload of backdoor begging or maybe even a scam.

I mean it when I say this is your newsletter. If we advertise something in our newsletter, that’s because it works and it’s worth every penny. And that’s what leads me to something even more important.

You have my, “100%, Absolutely Ethical & Honest” On My Honor, I Promise. I Will Not Send You Spam. And, Even Better Than That, I will Never Sell or Trade Your Name & E-Mail Address. I Do So Hate When Them Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels Do It To Me. And we here at Senior Outreach Ministries firmly believe in the Golden Rule.

P.S. I don’t mean the Golden Rule where the varmint with all the gold makes all the rules. I’ll always operate with the utmost honor. I will always treat the information you sign-up with as if it were my own. You’ll receive nothing but genuine respect and the sincerest regard for your privacy.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you from all of us here,

The Senior Outreach Ministries