We Are Senior Outreach Ministries

Senior Outreach Ministries, SOM, This is Us, About Us

a.k.a. — S.O.M.

Senior Outreach Ministries or S.O.M., as we’re also known, is a non-profit based in Northern Nevada. Everything we do is designed to help Seniors, Caregivers and Pre-Sene’s. If you know anyone else who can benefit from our site and offerings then please give them our website address.

S.O.M. was born in 2003 with the intent to be a non-traditional church, welcoming any and all souls. We don’t care about your sex, age, nationality, race, sexual orientation, or any other sort of identifier. Those are your choices and your choices alone.

We choose to believe, you may not chose to believe you were created in the image and likeness of God. To see if you believe that, or not, simply look in the mirror and ask yourself, who else could have created me? Therefore, if you were created by God, you are a church in and of yourself and wherever you go you take your church with you.

This website has a good deal of information for your use and this information is updated as the need arises. We want you to feel free to use all of the resources, information, tips, techniques and tricks presented in these pages, no matter what you chose to believe.

We don’t guarantee they will work for every one or you will receive everything you want because every case is different and must stand on its own merits. However, we do guarantee it is a resource that could possibly help you.

If You Would Like To Contact Us

If you want to reach us we provide a snail mail and a contact form. Feel free to use one or both. We promise to make responses as we can. We are not a large multi-national organization so it may take a few days or even a few weeks to respond. Please be patient. Click Here to Contact S.O.M.

Because this all takes greenbacks to implement we ask people to donate. Each and every dollar goes into programs we support. Our in house staff does not get paid. All are volunteers. We believe the money is better served helping those people less fortunate or those people who are in a crisis.

We Just Enjoy Helping Our Fellow Humans

S.O.M. helped people who have experienced hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. We’ve helped homeless people. The list goes on. Never once did we ask their religion, race, sex, political belief or any other type of identifier. They were in need so we helped. And we plan to continue helping our fellow brothers and sisters.

We do not believe in lining up for the government dole, either. Because there’s just too many strings attached. And above all else, you end up running the risk of becoming dependent on the government for help.

Those of us dependent on government handout run the very real risk that the handout bus can stop at any time. Without any prior warning. And in our humble

opinions will end leaving all riders holding tickets to nowhere.

We’re also firm believers that it should never be a permanent solution. Temporary, yes. Permanent, no.

If we all help each other we all will live in a better and healthier society.

Senior Outreach Ministries achieves it’s objectives with the capital we either earn or receive from donors. The Proud 2 B A Senior Ribbon for example. Donate $5, get a ribbon and help us help someone in need. All proceeds remain in the Ministries to be used per our mission statement. We are a volunteer church. No one receives a salary or wage. Please help us help others. We never have and never will ask the government for grants, funds or hand outs.
And, Thank You in advance.