Deadly Retirement Planning

Deadly Retirement Planning

Deadly Retirement Acts Analyzed in This Article:

Deadly Retirement Planning, Saving for Retirement, Retirement Savings
  1. Number One Deadly Planning for Retirement Act
  2. The Number Two Deadly Retirement Faux Pas
  3. Deadly Retirement Planning Act Number Three
  4. Deteriorating Health is Very Deadly By Itself
  5. Yet Another Deadly Act We Might Face
  6. Deadly Retirement Subjects in Summation

The Act of Deadly Retirement Planning

Deadly retirement planning is not an actual oxymoron. It almost seems like it has something to do with morons. But we don’t like to, or need to, be mean.

Believe it or not, it is an actual, real-life possibility. And, it is happening, as you read this, to far too many people. A quick side note, deadly retirement planning doesn’t refer to funeral services either. However, by not planning for your retirement years, you will certainly set your retirement in funeral mode.

And, if surveys by AARP and the federal government are correct, there are plenty of folks in this country called America not taking the upcoming retirement years into consideration. Some of them are at retirement age. Others are closing in on retirement age. 

Sadly, at that stage of the game, it is a bit too late to have the light come on. They need a better idea and they need it now.

Number One Deadly Retirement Planning Act

The number one deadly retirement planning act on the list is: Not saving enough. So, if all the surveys I have seen are correct, retirement won’t be the golden years for these people.

Those surveys, by the way, also tell us there are people who have nothing saved for retirement. Can you imagine having absolutely nothing saved for a day you know is coming? I mean it is YOUR life we are talking about.

The only income source they will be relying on every month is Social Security. Imagine dooming yourself to a monthly pittance of 1200 or so dollars per month as your nest egg.

Incomprehensible to say the least. But sadly enough, it’s very true.

Now, you ready for the double whammy? What if all the Doom and Gloom prophecies are correct? And Social Security actually runs out. Hopefully this coronavirus pandemic has opened more people’s eyes to living life in the danger zone.

Ugh. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m certainly not jealous of that potential train wreck. Unfortunately it could be you riding that train. Get off at the next station and start remedying your situation.

Number Two Deadly Retirement Planning Act

Coupled with not saving enough or anything at all is the act of draining your retirement savings. You’ve set up a plan and contributed regularly. That is the good part. You started off on the correct foot.

Then one day you decide to drain the account. Your intention is to replace the money next month, next year or in the future. You may even believe what you are telling yourself is true. 

Whether you really believe it or not, your retirement savings pool remains drained. You have entered the danger zone and can’t find a way out. You dug yourself a hole and forgot to stop digging.

How Did I Get Here?

You may be wondering how in the world a person can end up in this particular situation. Consequently, the answer, more than likely, lies in the fact those folks never calculated a retirement savings goal.

We could call this:

Deadly Retirement Planning Act Number Three

They probably never created or set a goal. Because they found it too daunting to calculate how much they will require in retirement. They simply were overcome by the number of variables with which they had to deal.

After all, nobody knows if they will get ill and incur huge medical bills. Nobody knows if they will require long term care. The one thing they knew for sure, i.e. they will get old, they ignored.

In other words, nobody knows the future. But for those who gave these variables serious consideration they created a retirement program that can adjust to them. It is a retirement program that says what if. It is a retirement program that is partially if not totally flexible to handle almost any situation presenting itself.

This doesn’t mean the worst will happen. It means it is addressed and hopefully remedied via the calculated retirement savings goal.

Deteriorating Health – A Deadly Act All By Itself

One thing we can count on when we age is deteriorating health. Our health usually doesn’t simply denigrate in one fell swoop. It happens over time. And when it does it brings along something called health costs.

Given today’s health costs deadly retirement planning could mean bankruptcy or worse for some folks. That is not a preferred position to be in especially when programs exist to mitigate these costs.

Certainly, it is no secret health costs have gone up substantially over the last 50 years. Google health costs and read the data for yourself. It’s staggering.

Nobody knows if this coronavirus pandemic will leave lingering health problems. What we do know, is that we can financially prepare today. Just in case they smack us in the wallet tomorrow.

This means with the trend being in the rise direction people retiring today will face rising health costs. Prepare. Act. Adjust your savings account and mentality.

Long Term Care – Another Deadly Act We Might Face

I mentioned long term care costs above. The costs vary by where you live. Big cities on both coasts have extremely high long term care costs. That doesn’t mean those of us who live in between the coasts have next to nothing costs.

The current monthly costs range from $5,000 per month to over $8,000 per month. That is in America’s heartland for those wondering where the costs are so low.

Notice I said per month and not per year. By the way, Medicare doesn’t pay for long term care. So if you thought they do, your thinking is wrong. Reread your Medicare pamphlets and you’ll get a rude awakening.

What does that mean? It means you need to become familiar and knowledgeable in this arena. For example, the surveys of long term care costs says the average per year cost is close to $90,000.

A Conclusion Worth Considering

Hence these deadly acts lead us to a conclusion that shouldn’t be ignored. At least for those folks who are thinking ahead. Therefore anyone not factoring in the woes and wows of growing old will always be looking in the window. Subsequently, watching all the people who did prepare like a hungry stranger.

So go get your affairs in order. Take steps to protect yourself should you suffer any type of diminished capacity. Moreover don’t fool yourself into thinking it can’t happen to me.

So who do you think represents those numbers in the surveys? Yep, me and thee as they say.

I am not a lawyer or even play one on TV. Consult with a competent legal professional about the legal instruments you probably should have already in place. At least some time before old age sets in place. Above all the earlier the better I’m told though.

These instruments include wills, powers of attorney, trusts, durable powers of attorney for health care, etc. Don’t fall victim to the deadly retirement planning traps. So get off your duff and smell the old age winds heading your way.

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