Work From Home Wishes

Work From Home Wishes

Work From Home Wishes, Make a living Working From Home
  1. Mind Altering Experience
  2. Don’t Forget Your Job
  3. Hardship and Translated Thoughts
  4. Work From Home Suggestions
  5. Not All Work From Home Activities Are Created Equal
  6. The Qualifying End of Story

Work From Home Wishes

Work From Home Wishes are usually had at work. So, if you are not already working from home, you may be one of those people who wish they were. That may seem obvious but it is very rarely expressed with any real meaning behind the statement. 

People say something like, I wish I could work from home. They say it but deep down they don’t mean it. They don’t mean it because they don’t know how to define it as it pertains to their world. It’s too confusing or difficult to them.

Unfortunately there is also the type of person who wishes something would just come walking through the door that will change their life for the better. You know the tooth fairy kind of thinking. Because we have multi-million dollar lotteries today, it’s the “if I win” line of thought.

Mind Altering Experience

If you are in the second category, it is time for a mind altering experience. By mind altering experience I don’t mean start using drugs. This is not a Timothy Leary experience in which you will be engaging. Not by a long shot although it may feel that way at times.

Reality says you must make the effort to improve your lot in life. Nobody else in this world will do it for you. I bet you already know that, right?

This may sound like a cold hard fact of life. It is. I realize the reasons people who indulge in wishful thinking do so because of their particular mindset and/or beliefs.

Don’t Forget Your Job

Some people love their job and don’t want to do anything else. Some people hate their job and take out their frustration by refusing to do anything but complain.

Either way, they still have a job. Sometimes the importance of a job is overlooked. It pays. The pay buys the groceries, gas, credit card bills and the mortgage. Maybe being appreciative for that old stand by called a job is in order.

I don’t mean staying there if you find something better. That better could be the lifetime work from home wish come true or a higher paying gig at another company. The job fills a need and it will continue to fill that need as long as you keep it.

Hardship and Translated Thoughts

Some people don’t want to face even the slightest of hardship which naturally translates into they would have to do something more difficult than what they are used to doing. Or, they may have to actually put forth extra effort.

Because our actions are our translated thoughts, we can change our actions. If we reset our thinking away from the woe is me or this is hard thought theology, we can begin to improve our circumstances.

One of my best friends is fond of saying the harder I work, the easier life gets. He puts his heart and soul into every endeavor. He doesn’t always succeed but he tries. When he succeeds, he usually reaps a very handsome reward.

That certainly indicates your thoughts will be a major guiding light in your endeavors. Why wouldn’t you want to channel them in a forward direction?

Work From Home Suggestions That Could Help You

Given this is true, and he is an ordinary guy who doesn’t have a college degree, everyone could at least try to achieve their wishes or dreams. The following suggestions may not be right for everyone but they are a good start to help you readjust your thinking on starting a home based business.

If you already have a hobby or product, start there. Do some marketing and advertising and see how far you get. A great example is the person who comes up with a fad toy. The toy started life as a hobby or toy for the developer’s children and the developer took it to the next level. You can do the same thing.

I’m not claiming this will be easy. You certainly won’t go from rags to riches overnight. But, and this is a big but, you never know what could happen if you get in front of the right person with the right idea or product.

If you do not have a hobby or product, select a company that has products that are in demand. They have already done the developing and marketing which means you don’t have to spend any money on those activities.

You will want to be sure the company offers support both offline and online. Online it probably will be forums or discussion boards while offline it’ll be literature and phone support.

If the company will pay you to refer people who join, all the better. This referral fee becomes a tertiary source of income. Look for other ways to increase your income from this company. You never know what they offer.

Not All Work From Home Activities Are Created Equal

This is another one of those painfully obvious statements. Some work from home activities require more time and energy. This could mean family time gets short changed. This could mean other events are cancelled or delayed.

Some folks would say, so what, let them get cancelled or delayed. My activity is far too important to me to worry about “other” activities. Nothing wrong with that mindset if you can actually carry it out.

On the flip side of the coin there are people who say they can do it but when push comes to a shove the work from home activity is the one that suffers. Therefore, work from home sounds like a great plan and it is. It is if you can bear the burden.

Fortunately in this day and age we have the Internet. The Internet, in many cases, flattens the curve. It allows the home worker to automate almost all of the tasks. A lot of the tasks can be outsourced. This is a giant relief pill.

The Qualifying End of Story

The successful work from home candidate has thought about and constructed a plan that formats itself to their life. Moreover, it is no different than budgeting one’s paycheck. So you can run off helter skelter and accomplish virtually nothing. Or you can plan and prepare and make your work from home wishes come true.

It would seem prudence dictates your first thought of working from home should have a basis in your personality. Are you suited to put your idea, dream into motion? If so, how will you do it? Where will you start? Can you see the finish line?

The qualifying end of the story is you prepared to encounter the bumps and bruises that are certainly ahead. And they certainly are waiting for you. No, you don’t know what they are. Above all you simply know they will be there and you know how to zig or zag.

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