We’re All Going to Die

We’re all going to die seems to be the main stream media’s drum beat. Tons of articles are pounding the death knell of not thousands but millions of Americans. Heck some have even said the CoronaVirus will be the largest death virus this planet has ever seen.

We're All Going to Die, reincarnation, all we have to fear is fear itself
HHHmmmmm….Have We Heard all This Before?

I’m no doctor. I don’t even play one on television. But, and it is a big but, I can tell you for a natural fact we have heard this story before. Hang with me for a minute and I will give you the list.

The same death knell started long before the first year listed on the chart. However, because I liked this chart, I decided to go with the first year it lists – 2001. I thought staying in the modern era versus rushing all the way back to 1918 and the Spanish flu was too much to perpetrate on Senior Outreach Ministries readers and followers.

–We’re All Going To Die

Let’s first take that phrase apart. The we obviously means both you and I. Given that is true there will be no more you and no more me. Do you believe that will actually come to being? If I can be honest for a minute, I sure don’t.

I am in no way saying I won’t be effected (catch the virus). I try to stay safe as the saying goes. But that doesn’t mean other people are practicing safe hygiene protocol.

All you have to do is read. There are stories everyday about people coughing in the face of other people. People licking vegetables and other items in stores. Other folks intentionally violating the safe distance mandate. The list goes on.

The Die Part Is The Most Scariest Part

Now we step into the die word. When you die you commit a pretty final act. As far as I know, there is no returning, anyway. Yes, I have heard of reincarnation. To a degree I even believe in it.

What I can’t reconcile is if it happens to or for all of us. In another words, a few scientists have said they have proven reincarnation is for real. What they don’t say is if it is for real for each and every human being on the earth.

If it is for real for each and every human being that means we will all return. If that is true what difference does it make if we die from the coronavirus? We will return at some date in the future.

Let’s say reincarnation is not for real. These scientists are wrong. That translates to we don’t return when we die. We are gone forever.

If we are gone forever and don’t return what difference does it make how we die? We all know we are going to make that final march. The cause becomes irrelevant.

None Of This Is To Say Don’t Take Precautions

Regardless of reincarnation, no reincarnation, how we die, the point is we are still alive. As such we should be taking all the precautions available to us. Why play with fire? Protect yourself as much as you can.

As promised here is the list I mentioned in the opening of this article. I did not create it. I took it off the Internet where it wasn’t ascribed to anyone in particular. However, the author is correct with the year and the “gonna die sickness” presented.

–Please Pay Attention, Closely Please–

Please pay attention to the very last line. To quote President Roosevelt, all we have to fear is fear itself. That’s what we are really facing. Fear is a powerful force that makes us do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

My next to last thought will probably come as no surprise. Make sure your life insurance premiums are paid! After all, if we’ve learned nothing else from surviving yet another epidemic, it would be, BE PREPARED. You never know what is coming. The CoronaVirus wreckage suffered had you caught it could have been alleviated by CoronaVirus Life Insurance.

However, it should come as no surprise, we’re all going to die. If possible let’s choose our own way in which we’re all going to die.

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