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Senior Citizens’ Resources


Senior Outreach Ministries knows there are any number of senior citizens’ resources oriented sites on the Internet. However, most of them are thinly disguised marketers. In other words, they want you to buy something. S2S thinks this is more of a disservice than a help.

The senior citizens’ resources sites on this page are here because they are the source sites for help. And, because they are source sites for caregivers as well. They can be used by seniors, pre-senes and caregivers to help mitigate almost any situation.

As “old people” we seem to need more medical attention than those youngsters. The government has a program called Medicare. And Medicare has an Official U.S. Government Site. It is located at:

Another government agency offers information on benefits. The Social Security Administration talks Medicare benefits at:

And, yes, there is one more agency providing Medicare benefit information. It is The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services with its site at:


The United States has a program called Social Security and it too has a website:

Plus, they have a toll free number you can call: 1 (800) 772-1213


The United States government has a little known agency that gives away free publications in 10 different categories. If you visit:

you will be able to view the offerings. And, the 10 categories are also in Spanish


The government is a prolific information provider. So, if you’re looking for an online guide to government information and services, visit:

You can also call them with any questions at: 1-844-USAGOV1 (1-844-872-4681)


Please download this FREE pharmacy program discount card. You may still have to make a co-pay. But, it’s proven to lower the cost on brand and generic drugs. This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains.

It is HIPAA compliant which means you will not be receiving spam emails because your name was sold or disclosed to a third party.

This is not insurance nor does this discount card have any cash value. Everyone is eligible for this program.

There are no age or income restrictions. And it’s absolutely FREE!

>>You Can Download The Card Here Too<<

Prescription drugs and seniors are not strangers to each other. We take them. And, sometimes we don’t know what we are taking. Enter the FDA. The FDA maintains a database on all things drugs. You can see it for yourself at:

a 2nd FDA approved drug site is:

FDA Approved Drugs


An easy to use site for senior health is provided by the National Institutes of Health — Senior Health. Simply go to:

By the way, you can find trusted information on Alzheimer’s basics, caregiving, clinical trials and research. Go to:

Check out the National Library of Medicine if you have medicine related questions:


You don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know exercise is good for you. How much and what kind of exercise are right for you is always the first consideration. The best answer is:

–Whatever Your Doctor Prescribes!

Of course not all of us require a doctor to tell us how, when or how much exercise is right for us. Our body will do that on its own, right?

Some experts say all we need is 12 minutes a day of steady activity. That is, the 12 minute period is done at one setting and not scattered across the day. You know, 2 minutes here, 2 minutes there, etc. That’s not really exercising according to those gurus.

Some experts tell us walking is the perfect exercise. Other experts tell us to start our routine with weights than phase into cardio exercises.

The truth is we should do something requiring us to expend energy. So, if walking is your thing, walk. On the other hand, maybe you like riding a bicycle. Or, if weights plus cardio is it, then do that.

This isn’t a tome on how to figure out what is right for you. This is an information piece encouraging you to include some kind of exercise in your routine.


While I have not been to every county in the U.S. I would venture almost all of them have a place called the (_________) County Senior Center. Generally speaking they are found in the major cities of each county.

They offer services of a varied nature. Hot meals, legal help, crafts, meeting rooms, lounge(s), etc. Probably the only cost in the services they offer is for the hot meal. Meanwhile, everything else is provided gratis. In comparison, I can’t say that for every senior center but I’d bet it is true.

For example, probably the easiest way to find the senior center in your jurisdiction is to call your elected county commissioner’s office. Subsequently, his or her secretary will have a list of locations with phone numbers.

By the way, some senior centers provide daily activities for seniors. Most importantly, If you are a caregiver and you want a few hours off, check out this resource. Above all, the time you gain for yourself can relieve a lot of stress.


It is no secret some elders need elder care. However, the secret may be in locating the right elder care resource. Moreover, you can find help in your community by entering your zip code OR city and state at this site:

We continue listing Senior Citizens’ Resources on the page titled Resources For Seniors. In addition to that we suggest you visit this page and that one as much as you want to. We continue to update these pages with senior resources as we find them. So, it only make sense to visit often and make use of anything listed that can help or benefit you somehow.

You can also find more resources on our Caregiver’s Corner page. They are geared toward caregiver’s but that can still benefit seniors. And make sure you share these senior citizens resources with your friends, family and neighbors. Or, anyone who needs a helping hand. By the way, download our free caregiver manual by >>Clicking Here<<

Senior Outreach Ministries achieves it’s objectives with the capital we’ve either earned or received from donors. The Proud 2 B A Senior Ribbon for example. Donate $5, get a ribbon and help us help a hungry Senior Citizen in need. All proceeds remain in the Ministries to be used per our mission statement. We are a volunteer church. No one receives a salary or wage. Please help us help less fortunate hungry Seniors. We never have and never will ask the government for grants, funds or hand outs. Thank You in advance.